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New York Islanders Future In Brooklyn

Its not breaking news at this point about the Islanders move to Brooklyn. I still don't know how they will be able to cope with an arena that was built solely for basketball but that is a problem they can deal with.

Perhaps what interests me most about this whole thing is the new center ice layout which will likely occur with a change of venue. Here are a couple Barclays Center concepts that I have come up with while trying to predict what the center ice might look like in the arena.  Also note that the current layout of Barclays Center would put the center scoreboard over one of the blue lines, not over center ice.  This layout is similar to what the Phoenix Coyotes endured in America West Arena.

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  1. I was a diehard isles fan forever. Any time they have improved in the last decade they trade the entire roster or the head coach. Now they are moving to Brooklyn where the majority of people are Ranger fans (booo). Good job Mr. Wang. What a disgrace to all of those great Stanley Cup teams and true Islander fans. I am hanging up the jersey, this time for good.