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2013/14 NHL IceTracker

Over the off-season I will be updating this post with any news that might shed some light on center ice changes for the fall. These are not confirmed until the actual center ice is painted and at that time they will appear on the NHL page.

Update: Here are my unofficial predictions for the upcoming season...

Nashville Predators
The Predators unveiled their anniversary logo for this coming season, and if history tells us anything, they will likely use the logo at center ice. Here is my center ice prediction...

Dallas Stars
The Dallas Stars organization have unveiled their new primary and secondary logos as well as their new uniforms. Also, American Airlines has a new logo. Below is my prediction for what center ice will like...

Ottawa Senators
The Senators have a new arena name, and based on previous layouts, I would imagine center ice will look very similar to this...

Florida Panthers
The Panthers have unveiled their 20th anniversary logo and if they follow suit with other teams, that logo will end up on ice. Here is a look at how that might look.

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