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Due to the large number of photos, I will be continuing this topic on a new post. Click Here.

8/16/13: Plywood going down over the insulation. Could they be planning to start constructing the rest of the scoreboard?

8/14/13: Insulation covering and protecting the concrete as it dries. Work continues on the bridges.

8/13/13: Final layer of concrete going in.

8/9/13: Still no concrete going in which means the continuation of the construction on the scoreboard is still a long way off. Some progress has been made to the bridges.

7/24/13: New pipes are going in which will be followed by more concrete. 

7/22/13: Insulation is being place on a new sheet of concrete. Also the bridges are almost structurally complete.

7/12/13: The truck is gone and the floor is cleared off. It is possible that they are halting work on the scoreboard for now so that work on the floor can continue.

7/11/13: I am now convinced this is the beginning of the scoreboard construction. This thing is going to be huge!

7/10/13: Boxes that appear to be covered in plastic have appeared near what might be the structure for the top of the scoreboard. I would love to know if those boxes contain LED panels.

7/7/13: Could this be the beginning of the construction of the new scoreboard? Its tough to say but this structure is somewhat round which would pretty much match the shape of the scoreboard that we have seen in a rendering (see below). It is absolutely huge which leads me to be skeptical because if any part of it is that big, it might be obstructing views. It also seems to me that it might be a bit early to work on the new board as they were supposed to restore the iconic ceiling I believe. If so, it would make more sense to do that first. At this point I would refrain from getting too excited but either way, the weight can't be too much longer!

7/2/13: It seems that a layer of the floor has been removed though I could be wrong. None-the-less, the tarps that were suspended over it have been removed and the floor looks to be a bit lower than it was before.

6/23/13: Any guesses as to what they are doing now? I'd say it has something to do with replacing or upgrading the ice plant but its not what I thought it would look like.

6/22/13: Looks as though the floor is coming up, so a new ice making system must be more than a rumor. Also the bridges are starting to take shape.

6/18/13: Some ceiling work being done.

6/16/13: Panoramic photo from inside The Garden. A both bridges are under construction.

6/13/13: Panoramic photo of current scene inside the garden.
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6/7/13:  Nothing new to report but here are a couple photos from The Garden.

6/4/13: With the scoreboard down, the work on the ceiling restoration can begin.

6/1/13: The scoreboard is gone for good.

5/31/13: The scoreboard is all but gone now. Only the frame remains. Meanwhile scaffolding is going up on the sides of the bowl in preparation for the restoration of the arena's iconic ceiling.

5/30/13: The Madison Square Garden did not waste any time after the Rangers were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The ice is now gone and the scoreboard is sitting near the floor. Crews are covering seats and protecting the glass around each of the arena bowl tunnels. The scoreboard is already in the beginning phases of being dismantled to make way for a brand new state of the art scoreboard to be ready this fall.


  1. Can confirm new scoreboard is being installed:
    NEW IN 2013-14
    Chase Bridges at Madison Square Garden
    Chase Square at Madison Square Garden
    Budweiser Fan Deck (10th Floor)
    State-of-the-Art Scoreboard

    1. I'll try to check on it again tomorrow and see if anything much has changed.

  2. How do you have access.? Nobody else has these pics. Are you working with a crew doing the work..?

    1. I do not work for them, in fact I have never been to New York. These are taken from the earthcam that is located inside the arena. It has not functioned properly for a over a year now and is about 3 weeks behind, but you can trick it into showing the current progress by changing your computer's date. Just advance it about 3-3.5 weeks. (Don't forget to change it back when you are done, lol.)

  3. Thanks for the info. I grew up in NY and I'm a huge NYR fan. This building has alot of meaning to me since I've worked there and seen tons of iconic events there. If you get a chance please post more as the renovation continues. THANKS..!