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New Floor/Ice Plant For The Garden?

With the third and final phase of the Transformation of Madison Square Garden in full swing, we have heard rumors that the historic arena could be getting a new ice plant and floor this summer as well. While this was not listed on the MSG Transformation website and to this date is still just a rumor, there may be some merit to it.

While reading through a message board that discusses the transformation, one person claims to have some insider info...
"It's not a rumor - unfortunately, I do not have a link to show this, but our firm has been working with Turner since Phase One and I have been on and off at the site since then. The entire floor is being chopped out, all piping is being replaced, and the entire ice plant is being replaced. It will be a brand new system when all is said and done. If the season ends tonight, work will begin overnight on clearing out Owner Occupied Spaces and the building is turned over to us tomorrow morning. As soon as I can get pictures up this summer, I will." - IslandXtreme26
While we have no proof at this point that the ice floor will in fact be replaced, there are a couple points in its favor.

A) The ice has had poor ratings and negative feedback from many players.

B) In the screen grabs from the construction camera, you can see that there is no protection on the concrete floor unlike the previous two phases.

It would seem that they do not feel the need to protect the floor this time around so perhaps it is going to be replaced. At any rate, we may not know for awhile. What do you think?  Feel free to comment below!

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