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Forgotten Anniversaries Part 2

Philadelphia Flyers 2002 

No surprise that this logo never made the ice. They have such an iconic primary logo, yet they through a couple numbers in a randomly determined font behind it. 

Pittsburgh Penguins 2002 
One of the most classy logos I have seen, and while it may not have been made with center ice in mind, it doesn't look half bad. I feel this was a missed opportunity.

Saint Louis 2007
I think this logo might only work if they toned down the colors just a bit. Maybe match the logo blue to the 'blue line' blue.

Toronto Maple Leafs 1977
Going way back now to a time where they surely would not use this much paint on the ice. Still, this is a pretty solid looking anniversary logo if used at center ice. Wouldn't it have been nice?

Vancouver 2000
After seeing the bright and perhaps too colorfully bold Blues anniversary logo, we move on to this. Although they used the Canucks color scheme at the time, perhaps it was not as effectively used as it could have been. I would imagine this logo at center ice would have appeared to dark and hard to see on TV. With a few color adjustments, this could have looked pretty cool.

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