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2013 Year In Review

It was a busy year for us at Frozen Faceoff. Though we have been around for two and a half years, this year was a new page for the site as we took on more leagues and more projects than ever before. Here is a look at some highlights.

We started the year with a brand new logo which used an existing font but was re-branded with red line red and blue line blue. A new emblem was introduced that incorporated a face-off dot with the sites initials. In August the old font was replaced with a more modern font.

This year the site was expanded to include some new leagues and even got a new section devoted to college ices. This was one of the top requested features from our site survey.

We also introduced a new type of graphic to our site this year. The full rink graphics complete with authentic board and on ice ads, and even arena lighting. We hope to have many more of these in the future!

Finally I want to thank all of our viewers for their comments, suggestions, and frequent site visits. Frozen Faceoff would be nothing without you! Also I want to thank Cory and CF92 for their dedicated work to help improve accuracy around the site as well as research and develop numerous graphics. Without them this site would not half but a forth of the graphics that it currently has.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings!

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