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Hurricanes Discuss Center Ice Design

In a recent edition of a recurring 'Tweetmail' feature on the Carolina Hurricanes web site, a fan asked why the Hurricanes chose not to go with a two logo center ice design as other teams have done in the past. They went into great detail about this decision and discussing some other designs that they have used in the past. Below is their answer from team rep Michael Smith as well as a few of our center ice designs added in as reference.

I found this question intriguing. The Canes have featured a large logo at center ice for years, and there’s not been much consideration to change it to a Montreal-style two-logo placement. Here’s why: The main reason is that the Canes’ primary logo is tilted, while the Canadiens’ logo is horizontal. Taking into account the tilt, the Canes’ logo would be much smaller squeezed into either semi-circle at center ice. The other is that Montreal’s logo, which features a C and an H, is read with the eye quite naturally. The correct way to view the Canes’ logo, on the other hand, isn’t quite as intrinsic. In short, the primary logo appears best as a large, dominant feature at center ice.

Aside from the RBC Center to PNC Arena transformation around the center ice circle, the Canes have had a few different center ice logos in the last six years. While the primary logo has been the main feature, the Canes have also highlighted the tenth anniversary logo (2007-08), the secondary warning flag logo when the third uniform set was unveiled (2008-09) and the All-Star logo (2010-11).

Michael went on to mention and link to our site thanks to the advice of Jared, the team's ice technician. We greatly appreciate this and please be sure to check out their site for more interesting topics covered in their Tweetmail.

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