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Fixing The Devils

Welcome to a our continuing series as part of our month long celebration of our fourth anniversary. This series is similar to our concepts page, but focuses on how each of the NHL's thirty teams could improve upon their current center ice designs. Some teams could use a lot of work and for each team we will post 2-3 ideas for how they might improve their ice. Lets face it though, some teams already have a perfect center ice but to be fair we will still look at some alternate ideas. Please let us know which you prefer in the comments below, or let us know if you think it is perfect as is.

New Jersey Devils
Despite never being a fan of their center ice, I do believe that they have a very iconic logo. I think the only issue that bugs me is that black circle that is off center. Symmetry is key here and if there is a circle in a logo, it really should be centered with the actual center circle. The problem is if you center this element of the logo, the NJ horns will be greatly off center with the logo. I really don't think the Devil's center ice is far off from being excellent. It just needs some tweaking, but I will include some tweaks as well as some bigger changes in the concepts.

Option 1: Here is a very small tweak to the ice that simply moves the black outline of a circle so that it is centered on the ice. The NJ lettering stays put.

Option 2: This design is basically what they already use, but it has small Devils logos in the red line.

Option 3: This is a bit of a stretch for the team, but what if they had a black filled circle for their logo.

Option 4: Here is the current ice used at Prudential Center.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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