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A New Look For Frozen Faceoff

Welcome to our new and improved site! On the surface it may just look like a few tweaks but there are actually several new things that comes with this launch, as well as some more exciting things down the road.

First lets start with the most obvious change. The old faceoff dot logo we have been using for a few years has gotten a a completely new look while still representing what we are all about. The old logo was quite popular actually but I felt it was time to modernize and simplify.

Along with this re-branding, I can also announce that 98% of our NHL section center ice graphics have been updated to our new and improved ice template. This project has been going on for months and all that is left now are a few one off ices and a few inactive teams. Those will be done very soon as well. Something to watch for this summer is the AHL page. It will be the next section to get a graphics overhaul!

We have more new content planned for this summer plus the return of a recurring series that has been quite popular the past couple years. And for those wondering, the Fixing The 30 NHL Teams Center Ice series will continue throughout the summer as well.

Here is one last thing for now. How about some new NHL center ice team wallpaper! There is one for each of the current 30 teams. Also, I know that we have some Atlanta Thrashers fans out there, so I made one for you too. Check them out here! Also this page can be accessed in the navigation menu under the "Features" drop down.

This will likely be a busy off-season for Frozen Faceoff so I hope you enjoy the new content and check back often!


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