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Un-United Center

Every year in EA Sports NHL games, a few arenas decide to not sign the waiver to allow their arena likeness or name in the game. The past few years, the United Center in Chicago has not cooperated with the NHL series despite allowing both 2k and EA Sports to use their name in NBA games. We have reached out, using multiple methods, for a response and have been ignored every single time. Great PR! There is not a lot of time left for United Center to make the right call and sign the papers for NHL 16 but there is some. Lets all show them just how important it is!

Head over to twitter and post this graphic! Be sure to tag @United @UnitedCenter and #Blackhawks #NHL16

Having troubles thinking of a tweet? Doesn't have to be fancy. We just need to get their attention

How about this...
@United @UnitedCenter We want the #Blackhawks arena in #NHL16!

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