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NHL Scoreboard Section Is Up!

The latest graphic designs have finally arrived at Frozen Faceoff! 

Many of you may remember the great work by CanuckFanatic92 who recreated every historic scoreboard for the National Hockey League on his Tumblr feed. He also helped with a majority of the historic center ice designs as well. While his Tumblr feed is no longer active, you are not going to be left without his great works of art for long. We have teamed up once again to bring you a full history of NHL scoreboard recreations. Soon you will be able to find his old graphics put to 3d architecture to match the current scoreboards being posted.

Also you will find a new scoreboard infographic updated with the 2015/16 scoreboards. This time around it will be even cooler as the full scoreboards will be shown in order, to scale, and ranked by their main video screen sizes. Check out our brand new NHL Scoreboard recreations in the navigation or by clicking here.

Please note the scoreboard graphics in this section will not be to scale in comparison to one another. Include are 2 versions of the scoreboards, off and on. Also include is a desktop wallpaper graphic. We will also be releasing more variations of current scoreboards such as goal images and pre-game graphics.

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