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Re-purposed Arenas - Montreal Forum

In this series we take a look at some of hockey's former arenas that have dodged the wrecking ball and taken on a new life.

Courtesy of Montreal Gazette

The Montreal Forum hosted NHL games from its opening in 1924 to its closure in 1996. The facility seated 17,959. It has been called "ice hockey's most legendary building," but today the arena is no more. But the building still stands and is still in use.

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Following the departure of the Canadiens, it was determined that the building would be transformed for a brand new use; a massive movie theater complex.

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In 1998, demolition began on the interior of the building, leaving only the outer shell which would be completely unrecognizable when the project was complete.

Courtesy of AJM Photography

The theater was completed in 2001 and included a nod to its former identity. A lobby was centered around the former center ice location and a small section of original seats were placed around the circle. 

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