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At this site, we love to talk about all aspects of hockey. We do focus mostly on the aesthetics of hockey including center ice graphics and the buildings the teams play in. It's not that we don't care about the actual gameplay, but there are so many sites out there that cover that so well. We try to cover the things that aren't already covered so hockey fans of all types will have their interests covered. We recently discovered a new podcast that is all about covering hockey fan's wide variety of interests.

Post2Post began earlier this year and has already posted many videos covering a variety of topics including rankings of players, arenas, logos, and jerseys, as well as discussions about team performances, players, and trades. They cover the NHL primarily but also talk about the AHL, minor leagues, and even some international leagues. For having no previous podcast experience, their videos are well done and quite enjoyable.

I highly recommend the Post2Post channel to our followers as I know you will find multiple videos that will cover whatever you're hockey interests include.

Subscribe to their channel, and follow them on twitter!

And if the guys from Post2Post ever read this, let me know if there is anything we can ever help with!

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