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New High Resolution Ice Graphics [Update]

We are excited to announce a big change to our center ice archive. We are now uploading larger, more detailed graphics and they include the surrounding rink! Now when you click a center ice thumbnail, you will view an enlarged wallpaper image (1920x1080 pixels) and a rink graphic that measures nearly 5000 pixels wide. Make sure you click on the image to enlarge it to it's full size. I am sure there will be some questions about this change and we welcome them. We might even have an answer for you before you even think of it! Check out the information below that better outlines what will and wont change.

Have all ice graphics been updated yet? [UPDATED 3/1]
No, but we are over halfway done with current NHL teams. At this time, we still have Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Los Angeles, Montreal, New Jersey, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver to complete. Once these are complete, we will try to finish the special events/outdoor games.

Are all center ice graphics being updated?
At this time, we are only working with NHL graphics for this project. We are starting with the 2018-2019 season graphics and going forward, new graphics will be in the new rink style. Once we are done with this season's ice graphics, we plan to work backward as much as possible.

Will there be ads on the ice? 
No, though we put a lot of thought into that. What ultimately made us pass on advertisements was the fact that ads often change from year to year, even if the center ice and red line designs remain the same. Since the purpose of this site is to be an archive of center ice designs, we felt it was best to focus on just that. We do not want the archive cluttered with thumbnails of identical center ices, and the only change being ice advertisements.

Will there be special team markings on the ice?
We do plan to include special markings if they appear for all or most of a season. A good example of this would be the "Mr. I" memorial logo that appeared on the Red Wings ice behind the nets last season. If there are ice designs that span multiple seasons with no change other than special markings, we will simply post multiple rink graphics on the same page so we do not clutter up the archive.

How will you know when we have updated your favorite team to the new graphics?
For the current season's graphics, we will post these updates on our homepage under the "Center Ice" section just as we would for our previous ice graphics. You can also follow us on twitter for updates.

This will be a work in progress for a while, and I am sure we will have to make some tweaks along the way, but we hope you enjoy these new graphics! Now head on over to FF | Center Ice to check out the first few graphics!

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