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The Faceoff Is Here

We are going to have a new look and a new name, but we will still be the home to the only center ice archive on the internet!

Why the name change? After 7 years we thought it would be nice not to be confused with the NCAA tournament by the same name. Granted, we had the name before the NCAA started using it, but we never trademarked it. Also, I want to be clear: the NCAA never gave us trouble so we did manage to co-exist without incident. Aside from that, it's nice to have a shorter URL and we also wanted to go for something a little more modern.

So, is the name "Frozen Faceoff" dead to us now? Will we block you on twitter if you call us that? Absolutely not! It served us well and we are proud of the name. In fact, you will still likely see that name around here and there. That address will still redirect you to our site. Honestly, if you are talking about us, we are thankful, regardless of which name you use.

Following the playoffs, we will begin re-branding the site, so there may be some downtime and some broken links at first. We will get that all worked out as soon as possible. We will also be introducing a brand new graphics package across the site and social media to celebrate the start of a new season which, for us, begins immediately following the playoffs as we prepare for new ices throughout multiple leagues, as well as new scoreboards.

Most importantly, thank you to all of those who have visited and supported our site over the past seven years. We would not be here without you!

We have a few secret additions planned down the road so stay tuned. Now let’s take a look at what you can expect to see around the site as we prepare for a new season.

Our site started out as nothing more than a place to show off center ice graphics, and has continued to primarily focus on archiving center ice designs from all the biggest leagues. Recently we revamped all of our current NHL center ice graphics with a new, higher quality full ice rink template. This summer we will continue to upgrade all of the special events and former team's ice graphics for the NHL. We will also continue to upgrade the AHL, CHL, and ECHL. All new ice graphics going forward will also be in the new full rink layout.

We are continuing to recreate new NHL and AHL scoreboards as they are built. We have also teamed up with Dryve who is working on turning all of our NHL scoreboards into 3D Models. Along with this we will also be working on more animated scoreboard videos and some brand new scoreboard info-graphics that will blow our old ones away.

Our goal horns page used to be cumbersome to browse, especially if you were looking for how many teams had a real horn or which teams used a certain type of horn. Now, you can find all this information on one page with our new AirTable layout. You can also view photos of most goal horns by clicking on the team in the table.

This section hasn't changed in a while, mostly because arena logos really do not change all that often. We already have most of the NHL arenas and their previous logos up-to-date. This summer, however, there will be something new! We are adding AHL logos, starting with all the current day logos!

Not much has changed with this section. We just keep creating concepts when the need arises. If you have an idea for a concept, feel free to let us know:

Our Courtside section is all about NBA scoreboards, and this year we will do some upgrades to our existing scoreboard graphics, as well as add any new scoreboards that are built this off-season. We also have individual scoreboard info-graphics on our to-do list. That will hopefully come later in the Summer.

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