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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Welcome to the brand new home of The entire website has been rebuilt, from the ground up, on a new platform. This includes a complete rebuild of the center ice archive which had not seen a major change for the entire 10 year run of This update brings along some reorganization, updated features, and a couple brand new features.

What’s New?

Our site has always focused on the often overlooked aspects of hockey, and one of our newest features fits that description. We have added Sports Organists to our site, covering not just the NHL, but NBA and MLB organists as well. They add so much to the game but rarely get the credit they deserve for their contributions to the game day atmosphere. Now you can find information about almost every current organist for the top professional sports leagues.

While laying out all the elements of our site, we really wanted to create a space on the site for our most frequent visitors to communicate with us, share their ideas, and offer feedback. For this reason, we have created The Faceoff Community. We hope it will be a lively place to interact with our followers and provide content based on their preferences. We will also be posting concept ices here.

What’s Updated?

We have upgraded several parts of the site. The center ice archive now has filters in place so you can search by season or team. Just click on the reset filter button [x] to start over and reveal all ices. Previously we had been upgrading all rinks to have nets, and this new site marks the completion of that process. Every rink on our site now has goal nets.

Our Scoreboards section now shows boards to scale, and ranked from largest to smallest based on the width of the main video screen. Because some boards are not equal sided, we have a second page which you will find in the scoreboard navigation that ranks the boards by their smaller end screen displays. We will focus solely on NHL scoreboards going forward. For AHL and CHL scoreboards, we will direct you to our partner, We have a lot of scoreboards up already but there will be more to come, and over time we will also add more variations of scoreboards (name/signage changes).

Switch between bench front and end screens.

What’s Changed?

You may notice a few things are not where they were before. While building our new site, it gave us time to think about every aspect of the site, determine what worked well, and what could use some improvement. This led to a few changes in organization.

As previously mentioned, Center Ice Concepts have been moved to the Community page. We want concepts to be more of a discussion and take feedback to improve concepts.

Arena Logos are now a part of our new Arenas section. You will find logo history along with arena information, seating charts (coming soon) and videos from our arena partner, Rinks Around the League. We are starting with current NHL arenas and will expand to former arenas over time. We will also be including Rinks Round Up by Rinks Around the League. The Arenas section is still a work in progress, as we have plans to add more to it over time.

Because the entire site, including the center ice archive, is housed on one platform now, using the search box at the top of the site is much more useful now. Results will populate from the Blog, Center Ice, all feature pages and from community posts.

We are still working on some things all around the site and if you notice any issues, please let us know in the Community or email us at We hope you enjoy the new site.

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