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College Hockey is Back

One of many ways we are celebrating our tenth anniversary is with the return of NCAA center ice designs.

Back in 2017 we started the college section, but it quickly got overlooked due to the site-wide conversion to full rink graphics. So at its best, we only had about half of the Division I teams for the 2017 season, and a few other ices for a couple previous seasons. It was just bad timing to introduce them to the site. However, having completed the full rink conversion process earlier this year, it seemed like a great opportunity to expand our center ice archive. We now have every NCAA team from the Big 10, Hockey East, NCHC, and ECAC on our site. Most teams have up to 10 years of center ice designs. That's over 195 new center ices added to the archive! As we continue our research, we hope to expand that even more. (Please note, some teams are not playing this season due to the pandemic.)​

We are doing our best to get the details right. Not all NCAA rinks share the same layout. From ref circles to corner board radius, and even the occasional International rink dimensions.

You can find these ices under the NCAA tab on the Center Ice Archive page.

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