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Garden HDX Is History

Two Summers ago, we saw the skeleton of the Garden HDX in TD Garden and got very excited. A new scoreboard was on the way. When the season finally approached, what we saw was the same scoreboard. The off-season upgrade resulted in only a small increase in screen size, hardly noticeable without a side-by-side comparison. Now it did bring along true HD video, but it still left fans disappointed.

This week, thanks to an Instagram post, we now know that the 2007 scoreboard is being completely disassembled to make way for a brand new scoreboard.

Michael Bieke who operates this scoreboard has confirmed that the Garden will be getting a new scoreboard and sound system over the Summer. At this time we have no details on what the new board might look like, but the Bruins and Celtics were overdue for a true upgrade.

This board has seen three variations.

Similar scoreboards in size and style, such as the Wells Fargo Center Bridgestone Arena and Prudential Center have already been replaced in the last couple of seasons. Meanwhile a couple such as KeyBank Center and Rogers Arena have yet to make any news about any potential upgrades.

Here is just a sample of what a larger board might look like inside TD Garden, though we have absolutely no clue what the real thing may end up looking like.

What kind of scoreboard would you like to see next for the Bruins? Let us know in the comments, or share you concepts in TheFaceoff Community.

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