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Owen Sound Attack 2023 Ice Analysis

To say the Owen Sound Attack was overdue for a center ice overhaul would be a massive understatement. For years, only the "Attack" wordmark appeared at center ice. Finally, the team's bear emblem was added to the ice, with the "Owen Sound" wordmark above it. While this was an improvement, the bear logo was underwhelming. As small as it was, it really could not afford to lose even more ice space to the center line, but that is what happened.

This season however, we get a brand-new look, and it does not disappoint. The bear logo has been enlarged to fill up most of the circle inside of a roundel with the team and arena names circling it. While the center line still cuts through the bear awkwardly, the large size of the logo makes it feel like a little less of the bear is being hidden now.

Tell us what you think of the new logo in the comments below and check out the full rink graphics in the CHL Center Ice Archive.

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