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As the only center ice archive on the web, (that we know of) we strive to bring you the most accurate and complete history of ice designs as possible. At times, other projects around the site have taken energy away from this, but recently, we have really shifted most of our focus to the center ice archive over the past year.


With our renewed focus on the center ice archive, this year you can expect to see many more authentic ads being added to our ice graphics, more historic teams/leagues being added to the archive, and more NHL practice rinks and playoff rinks as well.

With this shift in focus, it felt important to refresh our brand to reflect what our site is truly about. Our new brand (as of May 29, 2022) reminds viewers that we are a hockey centric site, while fading into a faceoff dot, a nod to both our history and focus on center ice designs. 

If you would like to feature our content in some of your own projects, particularly if you have to remove or cover up our watermark, please include a logo below with a link back to

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