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Blues Scoreboard Search Complete (Updated)

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Many fans around St. Louis have old relics from the former home of the Blues, including old seats and banners. One major piece of history that made it out of the old Arena before it's implosion was the center hung scoreboard, but it has since gone missing.

For a small group of Blues fans, it was their hope that it survived and that they might be able to find it. This group formed a page on Facebook called "Find the Old Arena Scoreboard" and they were looking for more people who might have information on it. We received a tip from @MrBluesHat that it was once in storage at the City Museum. We checked in with the City Museum here is the story of the old St. Louis Arena scoreboard. When the Kiel Center opened it's doors in 1994, there was an auction held at the old arena and fans got the opportunity to bid on many items before the place would be imploded a few years later. Once of the items that would be sold was the scoreboard which hung above the event floor since the Blues had first taken the ice in 1967. While it is not known for sure who bought the scoreboard from the Blues, we do know that at some point it landed in the hands of a local bar owner who ran Schmeizings. It hung above the bar as you can see in this rare picture below.

This bar was later torn down but the scoreboard was once again removed to avoid its own destruction. It is unclear whether it was sold or donated, but it became property of the St. Louis City Museum. It would sit in storage for a number of years, presumably waiting to find a proper home within the Museum. Its temporary location was believed to be this storage facility in a blighted neighborhood in northern St. Louis.

A few years ago, thieves busted in through a the wall of this rundown old building and ransacked the place for anything they could find of value. They scrapped out what they could of the old scoreboard, leaving only broken pieces and a bare frame behind. What was left of the scoreboard was presumably still in this building and destroyed during the demolition of this building a couple years ago.

Not the news this group wanted to hear, but at least the mystery is now settled. It would have been a fine addition to the museum, or perhaps someday the Blues could have purchased the board and hung in in the atrium of Scottrade Center, much like the Cardinals have done with the old Busch Stadium scoreboard.

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