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Coyotes Chaos

Updated: May 27

It wouldn't be the playoff time without needing to talk about the Coyotes, a team that so rarely gets to play this time of year. While this post is more opinion than informative, we are including a little history lesson on the Coyotes situation by Rinks Around The League. I would encourage everyone to check out this thorough look at what the Coyotes have gone through from their inauguration to current day.

For quite a while, I have hoped the team would be sold and relocated to another market. Having watched this video, I no longer wish for this outcome. I can't blame the fanbase for not supporting the team. I can't blame it all on Glendale or Phoenix. Multiple owners have tried and failed to make this franchise work.

I could no longer wish this franchise on another market. My new view on this would be to shut down the franchise. The team that was the Winnipeg Jets, Phoenix Coyotes, and Arizona Coyotes would be no more. It would cease to exist. Once the team is dissolved, open up the possibility of an expansion team. New ownership, new team, no baggage - fresh start.

What are your thoughts on this franchise? Stay, go, or go away?

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