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Decade Celebration Wrapping Up

Our tenth anniversary season has come to a close. It was a big year for the center ice archive, as well as the website in general. We rang in the new season with a brand-new website, built from the ground up. Through the year, we have upgraded and tweaked the site to make it more user friendly.

We set out to expand the ice archive, but we had no idea how much it would truly grow over the course of this one season. The entire archive now has full rink graphics, many of which include a pre-game and post-game skated look. On top of that, we have added advertisements to all NHL rinks and are working on expanding to other leagues. Speaking of leagues, we also added several new leagues to the archive including the BCHL, USHL and PHF.

As we look ahead to our eleventh season, we will continue to expand the center ice archive and add more authentic ads to the ice rinks. We are going to try to build out the Central Hockey League, USHL and BCHL leagues as well.

We will mark the end of our anniversary with a big thanks to everyone who has helped us in making this past year a reason for celebration. From our followers to our contributors, we could not do this without you!

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