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New Branding - Renewed Focus

Updated: May 29, 2022

After celebrating our 10th anniversary for the past year, a lot has changed, and it is time for a brand refresh and to center our focus on what we are best known for; center ice designs. As the only center ice archive on the web, (that we know of) we strive to bring you the most accurate and complete history of ice designs as possible.

In reality, we have been laser focused on center ice designs for a few months now as we have expanded to a few new leagues and have begun adding authentic in-ice advertisements to several leagues including the NHL, AHL, CHL and ECHL. Due to the time it takes to do all of this, we have not spent much time on the NHL scoreboards page. Fortunately, our partner, Dryve Scoreboards has been able to take what we have done with scoreboards in the past and turn them into 3D works of art. You can check out all of his latest work on his Scoreboards Website.

We will still continue to provide goal horn information, and we will be overhauling our Sports Organist pages in the near future.

With our renewed focus on the center ice archive, this year you can expect to see many more authentic ads being added to our ice graphics, more historic teams/leagues being added to the archive, and more NHL practice rinks and playoff rinks as well. If you have a league you think we should cover, we would love to hear from you. **Please note, the KHL center ice section will not be making a return to the site.**

Special thanks to @jones1_shawn for his ice research for the NHL and CHL center ice archives.

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