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Pandemic Playoff Presentation

After a presentation from the NHL, we now have an idea of what the return to play will look like in Edmonton and Toronto. With no home-team advantage, the NHL will use some new and innovated methods to create a unique feel for each game.

"This is going to be an unusual, to say the least, endeavor. It will be challenging at times, but I assure you we, in conjunction with the [NHL] Players' Association, who we work with every step of the way, are trying to do everything possible to make this an experience that hopefully you'll never forget, but in a good way." - NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

Per, there will be 12 exhibition games -- six in each city -- from Tuesday through Thursday, and play will officially resume with the Stanley Cup Qualifiers on Aug. 1, when there will be three games at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto and two at Rogers Place in Edmonton. The Qualifiers will consist of two round-robins -- one for the top four teams in the East, another with the top four teams in the West -- to determine seeding for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and eight best-of-5 series with the winners advancing to the playoffs. The first two rounds of the playoffs will take place in the hub cities, and Edmonton will host each conference final and the Stanley Cup Final, which is tentatively scheduled to begin Sept. 22 and will end no later than Oct. 4.

As for game presentation, each of the 24 teams will have their own goal horn, goal song, crowd chants and other key elements of their game day experience. Additionally, they will use crowd audio from EA Sports to help simulate crowd noise during the games.

Here is what the setup will look like.

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