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Post-Game Rink Graphics

Our tenth anniversary season isn't over, and we said we would have more new content coming to celebrate. Today we are excited to announce another new feature coming to the Center Ice Archive. We have two new ice rink textures!

A couple months ago we announced our new 3d Neutral Zone graphics which would be added to the entire archive. Those have been coming along well, but now we have added new full rink graphics.

Under each rink in our archive, you will find two buttons. You can download a mostly clean rink called "Pre-Game Rink" which has an all-new texture to make it look more authentic to a freshly resurfaced ice rink.

The second button will let you download a "Post-Game Rink" which features many skate marks and visible wear to the ice surface. We spent a lot of time and researched a lot of overhead shots of ice rinks near the end of a period or end of game to get that skated look as accurate as possible.

As of the time of this announcement, we already have completed the new post-game rinks for the following.

NHL - current teams (all seasons)

PHF - complete archive

SPHL - current teams (all seasons)

AHL - 2022 season

ECHL 2022 season

There are some other teams/years that have been completed around the site on top of what is listed above. Any page that contains a 3D neutral zone graphic at the top also has a post-game ice rink.

The hard part was getting the current NHL teams done because there are so many rinks involved. The remainder of the rinks around the site will be popping up pretty quickly over the coming month or so. Soon we will have the entire center ice archive upgraded with these rinks.

Then it will be time to add a couple more leagues, but more on that later.

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