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Retro Nights

The NHL is no stranger to having retro nights, and different teams celebrate in unique ways. We have seen throwback jerseys, 90's game presentation, and even vintage scoreboard graphics taking over the state-of-the-art video boards. However, one thing we haven't seen are vintage ice designs.

Changing up the ice designs for a single game would certainly be the most-costly way to celebrate, but would it be unreasonable? Considering the NHL already requires every playoff team to swap out their corner in-ice advertisements each year, surely this would not be all that different. Special events such as the Allstar Game often require the entire rink to be painted over with new logos and ads which can later be shaved off brining the return of the original layout.

So, what if each team repainted their ice for just one night? For this post we will stick with the current neutral zone dimensions with the current faceoff circles, goal crease, trapezoids, etc. We will be looking at what each team could do to bring a piece of their ice history into the current rink layout. Along the way, we will break a few of the ice regulations such as interrupting the red line, but nothing that the NHL hasn't broken itself with events such as the Winter Classic. Here is what we have come up with.

Anaheim Ducks

Inspired by the 2004 season, we bring back the Mighty Duck and the unique red line pattern.

Arizona Coyotes

This one would currently be impossible per the contract they signed with their college rink, but we will throw it out there anyway. Inspired by the 2003 season.

Boston Bruins

Inspired by the 1994 season and the last non-commemorative ice layout used at the Boston Garden.

Buffalo Sabres

Inspired by the 1997 season with the Hasek era logo.

Calgary Flames

Inspired by the 1995 season.

Carolina Hurricanes

Inspired by the 1998 season.

Chicago Blackhawks

Inspired by the 1994 season. This was the final layout used in the Chicago Stadium.

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche have always had a giant primary logo at center ice (aside from anniversary logos) so this one is more of a hypothetical layout. We gave it a retro feel with two smaller logos and the 1996 red line.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Inspired by the 2001 season.

Dallas Stars

Inspired by the 1999 season.

Detroit Red Wings

Inspired by the 1995 season.

Edmonton Oilers

Inspired by the 1994 season, the Rogers Place logo is perfect for bringing back that Northlands Coliseum vibe.

Florida Panthers

Inspired by the 1996 season. Since they still have no naming rights partner (yes that is supposed to change, so they say), we brought back the old Florida Panthers text around the center circle.

Los Angeles Kings

Inspired by the 1997 season, Arena is far from the Great Western Forum namesake, but it will have to do for this layout.

Minnesota Wild

Inspired by, or perhaps copied from the 2002 season, with the same arena name, and logo to this date, it would be easy to bring back an early layout.

Montreal Canadiens

Inspired by the final season in the Montreal Forum, we are bringing back the much smaller dual layout and red line design.

Nashville Predators

Inspired by the 1999 season.

New Jersey Devils

Inspired by the 1983 season with a unique layout for the old green and red logos.

New York Islanders

Inspired by the 1996 season, bring on the fisherman logo.

New York Rangers

Bringing back the exact center ice layout from the 1997 season.

Ottawa Senators

Inspired by the 2007 season.

Philadelphia Flyers

Inspired by the 1996 season at the old Spectrum.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Bringing back Igloo vibes with this 1995 inspiration.

San Jose Sharks

Inspired by the 1994 season.

Seattle Kraken

It is pretty tough to have a retro night when your team is only a couple seasons old. For Seattle, we are just giving them a dual logo treatment.

St. Louis Blues

Inspired by the 1999 season at Kiel Center.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Inspired by the 1998 season.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Inspired by the 1995 season at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Vancouver Cancucks

Inspired by the 1971 season as the Canucks joined the NHL.

Vegas Golden Knights

Another team with a very short history. The Golden Knights always have the most impressive and unique designs, so we will give them a retro vide by simply using their primary logo on both sides of the red line.

Washington Capitals

Inspired by the 1996 season, the flying eagle returns.

Winnipeg Jets

Inspired by both the 1991 and 1996 seasons. We brought back the 1991 season logo, but the red line comes from the final season for the original Jets team.

What would you like to see on ice for a Retro Night? Let us know in the comments below.

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