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The Isobel Cup was held at the NCAA/NHL arena in Tempe. There was not enough time in the schedule to allow for layout modifications. 

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PHF Isobel Cup 2023 (Tempe)
PHF Isobel Cup 2023 (Tempe)

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NWHL Isobel Cup

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Mullett Arena

Tempe, AZ USA

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Mullett Arena (originally ASU Multi-Purpose Arena) is an indoor multipurpose arena at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

The 5,000-seat arena is the home of the men's ice hockey, women's ice hockey, women's gymnastics and men's wrestling teams. It also serves as a temporary venue for the National Hockey League's Arizona Coyotes from 2022 through at least 2025.

PHF Isobel Cup 2023 (Tempe)
Center Ice Logo and Rink Layout

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