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NHL All Star 2023 Ice Analysis

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The state of Florida might not be the most ideal location for ice hockey, but the ice surface for the big weekend is an instant classic. The NHL seems to be done with the red line cutting through center ice for big event rinks. Add to that a beautiful, circular logo and you get a center ice that is hard to beat.

The center circle isn't the only area that the NHL got creative with though. Check out the blue lines, designed to represent the Florida sky.

Close up of the multi-shade sky blue lines. Photo by @Just_C0w (twitter)

All 8 faceoff dots contain a yellow sun, similar to the Reverse Retro jerseys that the Florida Panthers are wearing this season.

Finally, the goal crease has a water effect in it much like you see at the bottom of the primary event logo.

Photo by @deems097 (twitter)

The 2023 center ice design is easily our favorite one since the same event was held in Tampa Bay in 2018.

Head over to the NHL Center Ice Archive to view all of the NHL All Star center ice designs. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments. View the full rink and 3D rink graphics on the 2023 NHL All Star Center Ice page.

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