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NHL Center Ice Remix 2023 - Central Division

Looking ahead to the 2023, we thought it would be fun to remix all 32 NHL center ice designs. The rules we will follow are simple: No matter how perfect the ice may be, there must be a change. This could be something as small as a red line change, or as large as a complete re-design. Today we will take a look at the Central Division.

The Arizona Coyotes are going to have a strange home ice for several seasons as they share a rink with a college hockey team. While we don't expect anything fancy in reality, here is what we came up with for a unique looking center ice.

It's hard to make great changes to the Chicago Blackhawks center ice design, so the only change we made was with the center line. The line is now inverted, and made up of 6-pointed stars from the city flag.

For the Colorado Avalanche, we brought back the "big foot" logo for the center line. We also cut the Avalanche logo down the center and spread it out a bit so less of the point of the 'A' is hidden behind the center line.

The Dallas Stars switched to the Texas logo this season. We think this is the best the ice has ever looked. Just a couple tweaks for this ice. The center line now has the primary logo in white. We also enlarged the Texas logo just a bit, because everything is bigger in Texas.

This was a simple remix. The Minnesota Wild introduced a re-colored logo with their Reverse-Retro jerseys last season, and that logo should be the new primary. Bring the jersey back along with a home version and this team will look perfect.

The Nashville Predators went full gold several years ago, and we thought we would invert the gold and white on the primary logo to better match their brand. While we like their current center line, what if we swapped it out with the three stars from the guitar pick logo along with the "NP" in white.

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