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NHL Center Ice Remix 2023 - Pacific Division

Looking ahead to the 2023, we thought it would be fun to remix all 32 NHL center ice designs. The rules we will follow are simple: No matter how perfect the ice may be, there must be a change. This could be something as small as a red line change, or as large as a complete re-design. Today we will take a look at the Pacific Division.

It's time to go back to being the Mighty Ducks. There may be a name issue with Disney, but clearly, they have the rights to the logo. Therefore, at the very least, revert to the previous branding under the Anaheim Ducks name. We brought back the Ducks previous red line design which uses both the Ducks and Mighty Ducks logos inside the checkered pattern. To complete the remix, we moved the Arena text to the sides to add some balance center ice.

The Calgary Flames already have a solid design, and it was difficult to find something to change. However, we thought it might be nice if the center line was actually white and had red Calgary Flames logos in it. This invert of colors allows the Flames logos to be red, similar to the real logo.

We tried a similar idea with the Edmonton Oilers center line. This new oil drop red line is obviously Oilers specific and brings back a taste of the old Rexall Place (white center line) ice design. We also moved the Rogers Place logos to the sides to add balance.

The Los Angeles Kings need to ditch their 'home plate' logo and go back to the crown. But why stop there? We wanted to add a little royalty to the center circle. Using shapes from within the Kings logo, we made a pattern inside a black circle. While this is not as fancy as the Vegas Golden Knights, we must admit that their ice was the inspiration that led to this.

The San Jose Sharks already have a great center ice design, but the rule of this series requires a redesign. For this are using one of their alternate logos that includes their cities initials prominently at center ice.

This was a tough one. There is not much we would change about the Seattle Kraken's first and only center ice design. So, the only change we made was removing the white checkered pattern from the center line and adding more of their alternate Space Needle/anchor logos.

The Vancouver Canucks get a retro design in this series. We brought back a revised version of their original logo and centered their arena text along the sides of the circle. This is a very balanced and clean look.

The Vegas Golden Knights have changed up their ice design every season, and each with an increasingly impressive and creative approach. There is no way to predict what they will come up with next, and it would be hard to come up with something better than their stellar graphic design team. For our changes, we focused on the center line and arena text. We simply inverted the colors of the center line and placed four arena wordmarks around the circle. Balance is one of our favorite things as you may have noticed.

What do you think of our ice remixes? What would you do different? Let us know in the comments below.

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