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Winter Classic Ice Details

The ice is ready for the 2022 Discover NHL Winter Classic at Target Field in Minneapolis, MN. The outline of the red line and the snowflake at center ice are a staple of the winter classic in recent years, but the design team has added a few more clever details to the rink this season.

The faceoff dots all have snow flakes in them matching the one at the center ice dot.

The same snowflake can be found at both ends of the Winter Classic word mark around the center circle.

While this isn't the greatest photo of the blue line, it is enough to show us what may be the coolest blue line we have ever seen. Below is a cleaner look at what it looks like.

You will also notice that this is the first Winter Classic that does not use any red line through the center circle. The 2020 Winter Classic featured only an outline of the red line. This is sure to make many fans happy and makes us wonder if this could eventually find its way to home team ice designs. The NHL has certainly been testing it out a bit more in recent years during non-regulation games, but this is only the second time for a game with 2 points on the line.

The ice is sure to impress the fans. Here is a look at the full rink. For full resolution images and a post-game version, head on over to the center ice archive.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the details in this season's Winter Classic rink design.

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