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Calgary Flames 2023 Ice Analysis

The Calgary Flames were the first NHL team to paint their ice this season. It feels a bit early, but the Saddledome has A LOT of hockey in store for the fans this season. This year they will host the NHL and WHL teams as usual, but also the recently relocated AHL team out of Stockton, the Calgary Wranglers.

This season we will see a new center line design. It looks to be a series of flames resembling those found inside the old Stockton Heat logo. It is a sharp look.

This design replaces the primary "Flaming C" logo that has been in the center line for the last decade. Perhaps they wanted the red line to be a bit more neutral among its three tenants.

Here is a comparison of the old design versus the new one.

Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments below.

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