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What if Canadian Teams Play in the U.S. for 2021?

With the NHL season finally on our doorstep, there are still several unknowns. Perhaps the largest question is where the Canadian teams will play this season if their government does not allow them to play in their country. The NHL has mentioned the possibility of the teams having to play in the United States.

If this idea were to happen, we don't know what plans they would consider. Perhaps they would play in current NHL arenas and share with an existing team, or perhaps they would play in NHL-ready arenas that do not currently host a major league hockey team. Well the latter possibility is the one we like most, so lets play around a little with that. Obviously, these are just our thoughts, and you may disagree with them and that is fine. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. ​Lets get started.

Calgary Flames

The Saddledome just makes me think of Texas, but in Canada. Well it turns out, we have a Texas right here in America, and they have an NHL ready arena in Houston.

Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers need to move south, and there aren't a lot of NHL-ready arenas directly south of them, so we found a place one time-zone east that was built with NBA and NHL in mind but has never had a home team. The recently renamed T-Mobile Center in Kansas City.

Montreal Canadiens

I am sure Habs fans won't like this, and I don't blame you, but the rust bucket of Brooklyn has housed an NHL team up until this year, and without fans, the seating layout and off-center scoreboard won't be a problem.

Ottawa Senators

Playing all the way down in Florida. This would seem less-than-ideal for the Senators, but that team seems to find themselves in many less-than-ideal situations every year. On the other hand, maybe they would enjoy some warmth for a change.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto hosted the NHL for the playoffs, but they won't get to do that again for awhile. We didn't move them too far across the border, but they are moving a bit more west. Milwaukee has a brand new arena that has a never-before-used NHL-ready rink.

Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver gets to move south of the border and still remain within driving distance of the west coast. The Moda Center is ready for NHL action and isn't all that far away from home for the Canucks.

Winnipeg Jets

Finally, Winnipeg. We are just moving them back to where they came from. Of course, Milwaukee or Kansas City would work better geographically, but the fans of Atlanta would, no doubt, love to bring the former Thrashers back for one season

You could make a valid argument that the Maple Leafs could join the Raptors in both playing in Florida, or that the Senators could play in New York. Obviously none of these options are ideal, and luckily, the NHL is not likely to listen to a website they have likely never heard of before.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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